Online Dating How to Ask Her the Right Questions

Online Dating; How to Ask Her the Right Questions

OK. So you’ve joined a couple of dating sites and you’ve written a killer profile. You’ve uploaded a what you think is a great picture, and now you are going to chat with someone who’s contacted you.

What now? How do you start separating “real potential” and those who’re just there to piss around?

You need to find out something about who this other person really is, and not just who she wants you to believe she is. It would be nice if women wore labels like “Gold Digger” or “Daddy’s girl” (and I’m sure they say the same about us men), but they don’t, so it’s up to you to find these things out for yourself. You need to know what mistakes you can avoid making, and how to impress this lady if you decide you want to do that.

After you’re past the initial small talk, ask her, “What do you think are the biggest mistakes men make when dating online?” Listen carefully to her answers. She’s going to tell you a lot about herself and her views on men in general.

Next you should ask her, “What do you really think about online dating?” Now she’ll tell you if she’s had any bad experiences dating online, which you should probably pay attention to. What she says here will tell you not just what you could be doing better, but it’ll speak volumes about her expectations, AND her personality.

Now for the all-important question; What caused the break up of your last relationship?

If she puts all the blame on the guy, you should probably move on to the next prospect. If she takes all the blame herself, that speaks positively to her personality, but we all know that it takes two to tango. If she says the breakup was by mutual consent or that the relationship just wasn’t right for either of them, you’ve heard the right answer. Move forward but always move with caution.

Asking the right questions will give you better insight, and the answers to those questions will make you more confident when you meet the lady face to face for the first time.

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